Waist Beads

It has become a trend to get in touch with culture and be unique in your way. If you want to be different in your style, you should get these beautiful waist beads to wear.
The mysteries of ancient Africa seem so fascinating and powerful even in modern times. Thus the ornaments like these waist beads, African have become so popular due to their mystical yet appealing look. They are all the rage in the west for all the right reasons. You can wear these around your belly, hips, or wherever you want. They will make your whole body look charming with their beautiful craft.
For unique, traditional, and alluring, get your hand on these to sparkle in the crowd.
But are you hesitating in wearing these versatile beads because of little knowledge?
Don't worry as we have got your back. We are going to address every little detail you need to know before getting these gorgeous belly beads.

Waist Beads

Weight Loss

In addition to their apparent beauty, these have other benefits of waist beads too. You can use these waist beads for weight loss. They are a good indicator for gauging your changing weight. Instead of using a weighing machine, you can wear them around your belly and see how much they fit you.
They only stretch to an extent so, if you gain weight, you will feel them tight around your waist. But if you have lost weight, these beads will become loose and reach the hips.
While weighing machines induce negativity, these beads bring positivity despite weight changes as they adorn your body regardless of your shape or weight. They are a perfect metaphor for showing your feminine side.

The Perks of Waist Beads You Need To Know:

These waist beads are not just ordinary beads, but they have some special benefits that may influence some aspects of your life. Let's find out about the qualities and benefits of African waist beads.

The African waist beads are made of glass. These beads are high-quality and small in size. As they are of glass but a wire of plastic or multiple strong threads are wound together to support these beads.
They are fixed on that wire like a chain. These belly beads can be on a natural thread or any other wire, either of nylon or plastic. But the beads are always made of colorful glass.
This cord is stretchy to give your body a comfortable feel.
The plus point of these beads is that they are made by hand without the use of any technology or machine. That is why they are so well-crafted with the carefully chosen material. Sometimes, you can get belly beads with any special stone of your liking too.

Waist beads are enchanting because of the multiple colors they come in. If you want to flaunt your inner liveliness, get these beads and show your love for colors!
There is an additional perk in the variety of colors which is the meaning of each color. You can use these waist beads to show your inner vibe.
The blue color means harmony, healing, truth, and deep insight. If you want to show love to Earth and stability, get brown-colored beads. For showing the love for prosperity, hope, abundance, and fertility, wear green beads. The color red shows bravery, confidence, passion, and vitality.
If you hold yourself to truth and purity, go for the pure white beads. To show your wisdom, clarity, and energy, you can get these waist beads in yellow color.

You can choose any stone of your liking to include in these spiritual belly beads to level up your style game.
These stones have a unique meaning and represent a unique aspect. If you want to protect yourself against negativity, then go for Evil Eyestone. For bringing luck, wealth, and prosperity into your life,Green Aventurineis the best fit, while Hamsa is for protection against bad or evil luck.
The famous Quartz brings clarity and combines its essence with glass beads to amplify its qualities. AndRose Quartz is for compassion, healing, and love.
There is one other stone that you can choose, which Lapis Lazuli is. It is for truth, insight, wisdom, and peace.

These beads are made with extreme delicacy by hand. There is no use of machines and modern technology to preserve their essence. This caution and crafting make them aesthetically beautiful and delicate. They are a treat for handicraft lovers.
Wear waist beads to showcase your delicacy!FertilityIt is widely common in different cultures to wear waist beads during intimate moments for enhancing sensuality. When women try to conceive, they wear it during sex as they are linked with fertility.
This practice is much common in Ghana, where women wear large body beads. While in some cultures, they are considered so intimate that they are worn under the clothes.

Pride and Heritage
Though these body beads are popular among people of all ethnicities nowadays, they are purely African in origin. That is why the diaspora of African countries can wear it to show their pride in their heritage.
They are a great way for associating yourself with your ancestral lineage and glorifying yourself with all that glory.

Freedom of ChoiceThe best quality of waist beads is the freedom of choice they give you to show your individuality. As they are a powerful source of self-expression, you can choose any style that suits you the best.
You can express your love for your body by getting these beads for any part of the body you want. They have a variety of strands and stones. You can show your inner- message and channel your vibe into them.
They give you full freedom to express yourself and stand out as an individual. You can get them adjusted according to your body type and the type that suits you the most.
Wear waist beads to flaunt the pride in your body to unleash your inner vibe!

Waist Beads


These exotic waist beads are not only to be worn on the belly or hips. They serve many purposes, and you can wear them on other body parts as well. These beads are body beads as well that you can wear on your arms or wrist as a bracelet.
You can use them as a necklace and wear them around your neck. They also look good on the ankle as an anklet. Anyways, you can style them and wear them wherever you want. They go with almost every style and shine out. You can use your imagination and creativity while styling them to amplify your beauty. These beads look beautiful when worn in the style of Bohemian people.
You can wear them like the tropical Africans in their original style. Another style is the style of Ghana people to wear the beads around the neck in multiple long chains.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How can I choose the right waist beads for my body?

You can measure the size of your waist to find out the most fitting waist bead. For measuring your waist, wrap a thread or measuring tape around the waist. Where the ends meet, that is the right size. Get waist beads of that size.

How long can I wear these belly beads?

You can wear belly beads all day long. There is no need to take them off even while sleeping as they do not disturb your body. You can wear them in the Sun and rain as well.

Can you take a shower with these beads on?

Yes! It is suitable to shower with waist beads on your body. They do not wear off under the water and. So, you can wear them all along.